I've had the privilege of composing songs and incidental sound tracks as well as incidental music for television, movies and documentaries. It's always a challenge creating a mood for a visual sequence. The best music should be felt not heard.
Writing music for Margaret Atwood's Hymns was a highlight of 2009.
I am currently beginning to write music and lyrics for Alice Hoffman's gothic novel "Green Angel"

I've especially enjoyed working on several films with independent director John Hancock and on documentaries with producer/directors Bob Niemack and Ann Hassitt.

Songs and Scores:

  • Sticky My Fingers, Fleet My Feet

    (Oscar nominated short)

  • Bang The Drum Slowly

  • Let’s Scare Jessica to Death

  • Weeds (pic) Cyro & band

  • A Piece of Eden

  • Suspended Animation

  • Convicts On The Street (HBO)

  • Freddy’s Nightmare (TV)


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